Lovely llama

Don’t you just llove llamas? Advertisements


No need to sharpen this pencil… these bad boys are always on point.

I believe

If you believe that Elvis is still alive, that Lee Harvey Oswald didn’t act alone, or that Tupac is still singing somewhere in the Caribbean…

Pizza Party

  How many meals a week is it acceptable to eat pizza?

Boston Terriers

In addition to enjoying these crazy socks for the animal that covers them, the cloth version won’t eat your shoes…

Craft Beer

IPA, stout, sour … you love ’em all.


This design was created by past sock fairy Emily, and it won a national contest through Sock it to Me!

Slow Loris

This adorable Slow Loris has a look that says “I know you saw me doing something I shouldn’t be…


Did you know peacocks dramatically spread their extravagant feathers to attract a mate?