Coffee monster

Wake up? Drank. Breakfast? Drank. Cubicle? Drank. Lunch break? Drank.  Advertisements

Being a girl

Who run the world? Girls. And these colorful Blue Q socks (kind of) prove it.


Your day has been rough. Work sucked, and your feet are killing you from those awful heels.

Cat Monster

  Are you the monster— or is your cat? The world may never know.

My Favorite

Well ladies, it is possible to have it all.

Plants Get Me

The rest of the world may say you’re „odd,” „dorky” or „unhinged,” but at least you’ve got your green thumbs. Or is it toes?

You Rocket

Does your air guitar rival the ferocious style of Slash, or does your acoustic rendition of Kumbaya put Jimi Hendrix back in his place?