Bad Mood

How about all of the above? Advertisements

Boston Terriers

In addition to enjoying these crazy socks for the animal that covers them, the cloth version won’t eat your shoes…

Grilled Cheese

There is nothing more satisfying than watching a perfectly melted grilled cheese be pulled in half.

Cat Monster

  Are you the monster— or is your cat? The world may never know.

Craft Beer

IPA, stout, sour … you love ’em all.

Party on

Cake first thing in the morning? Yes, please.

My Favorite

Well ladies, it is possible to have it all.


This design was created by past sock fairy Emily, and it won a national contest through Sock it to Me!

Plants Get Me

The rest of the world may say you’re „odd,” „dorky” or „unhinged,” but at least you’ve got your green thumbs. Or is it toes?


Craving some sushi? If you have a raw passion for rice and fish, look no further.

Slow Loris

This adorable Slow Loris has a look that says “I know you saw me doing something I shouldn’t be…